spooky scary skeletons

amy, always hungry gay sad and tired

sometimes i forget to tag nsfw or don't know if i should tag something nsfw so apologies in advance
unique retro feel

it’s not really even about the retro feel

like, while that overall style is fairly popular, there is ZERO nostalgia for me

i first started gaming on dreamcast and playstation

i never owned a nintendo until i got a cousin’s hand-me-down gamecube, and even then only ever had super mario sunshine and luigi’s mansion

shovel knight is just a GOOD GAME that stands up on its own merits

seriously tho

shovel knight hype is so fucking real

i’d highly recommend picking up the 3ds version too

i’m not normally a fan of the 3d in games, but it’s actually really well done, and the touchscreen helps with selecting your relics

so i finally got around to picking up shovel knight and it’s so damn good aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the hype is as real as it gets